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diamond ringDiamonds may last forever, but a larger diamond doesn’t necessarily mean that your love will. Men who buy their fiancées larger diamonds are much more likely to divorce compared to men who spend more modestly on the engagement ring. That news should come as a shocker to women who like to show off their expensive, large, multi-carat diamond engagement rings.

Those findings came from a new study released recently. The interesting study titled A Diamond Is Forever and Other Fairy Tales found that people who spent more on their marriages were more likely to end up divorced, compared to those who spent modestly. For example, couples who spent more than 20,000 on their big day were 60% more likely to end up getting divorced.

Men who spent between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring had a divorce rate that was 1.3 times higher compared to men, who spent a more modest $500-$2000. In fact, getting married on a shoestring budget seems to be the best bet to long and happy married life. Couples, who spent less than $1000, actually had the lowest risk for divorce.

Among other interesting findings in the study, the researchers found that people, who based their decision to marry on the other person’s looks, were much more likely to get divorced. Couples, with vast disparities in age and education levels, were also at a higher risk of divorce.

Interestingly enough, larger numbers of guests at the wedding also equaled a much lower risk of divorce. Larger weddings here don’t necessarily mean more expensive weddings. The researchers found that people who had modest, but well -attended weddings, and honeymooned, were much more likely to stay married, compared to those who had intimate, expensive weddings with few guests.

More expensive weddings are associated with narcissism, and a desire to show off, which would probably explain those higher divorce rates.