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About 8% of all men and 5% of all women are narcissists. Narcissist personality disorder, a condition that leaves them incapable of empathizing with others or focusing on anything or anyone beyond themselves. A narcissist can’t relate to other people’s suffering, and may suffer from an unhealthy degree of entitlement.

Deciding to divorce a person like this can be fraught with challenges, and risk. If you are the one making the decision to divorce a narcissist, your spouse is not likely to take this decision well at all.

Many of these divorces end up in the courtroom.

It’s very difficult to reach a settlement with a narcissist. A narcissist is full of his own sense of self-importance, and may not believe in compromise at all. You’ll find it difficult to reach an agreement on any kind of issue with a narcissist, and as a result, you may have to be prepared for a long divorce trial. Divorces involving narcissists often involve delays, endless disputes, and legal wrangling.

Narcissists are also often experts in the art of making the victim feel that the bad treatment is somehow their fault. The narcissist may present information to make the victim doubt their own account of events.

Consider getting an attorney, one is skill in cases such as these, when you’re ending a marriage with a narcissist. There is likely to be hostility and challenges.