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man going through divorceGetting a divorce can be difficult on the entire family and it can take several months to get over a divorce, especially for the person who was left.  However, there are ways that you can learn how to cope and start to heal.  It may not be easy, but with time, you can move on from your divorce and rebuild your life.  You might even find love again after you’ve had some time to heal.

Tips for Coping with Divorce

1.  Develop a Support System

If you’ve been married for a while, you may have lost your old network of friends, but if you have friends or family to listen and lean on once in a while, they can help you with getting through divorce.

2.  Seek Help

Sometimes the proceedings to end a marriage can take its toll on your emotions and affect your self esteem.  To get more support while you are going through your divorce, seek out a divorce recovery support group or consider seeing a therapist.  You may also consider renewing you relationship with God or the higher power you believe in or exploring your spirituality.

3.  Take Time to Heal

There will be many changes in your life when you get a divorce.  You will lose mutual friends because they will choose sides and they may not choose your side.  You will also have to face changes in how you live, such as coming home to an empty house or taking care of things around your home that your spouse used to take care of for both of you.  Experiencing grief is a normal part of going through a split as well, so allow yourself time to grieve.

4.  Hire an Attorney

As soon as you can, find an attorney to get help through divorce and its legal proceedings.  If you have joint property and children, you will want to protect yourself financially and come to terms on the custody of your children without waging a war, if possible.  Don’t hesitate to look out for your best interests during the divorce.

5.  Take Care of Yourself

Find ways to relax and unwind from the stress that will be caused from the divorce.  Even if it is amicable, it will still be difficult to get through.  Try journaling, mediation or just winding down with a good book and let yourself breath.