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signatureDuring a divorce process in Colorado, the woman is asked if they want a name change back to her maiden name. Taking ones maiden name back during the divorce is quite easy, when filing for divorce a section asking if one requests a name change is checked, and it will be included in the final divorce degree. There are no fees associated with taking your maiden name back when it is done during the divorce.

Changing the name after a divorce in CO takes somewhat more complex. You must notify various agencies and do so in a certain time frame and in a particular order in some cases. There are also additional fees associated with changing ones name, if it is not done in conjunction with the divorce. These fees typically include filing fees, certified copies fees, publication fees etc.

Things to consider when thinking about taking back your maiden name

Professional boards and licensing
If you have any professional licenses such as a medical or nursing license as well as any city or county licenses you will have to get the name change to match your identification in CO.

Driver’s License Department
Make sure you tell the DMV in Colorado about the name change after divorce and make sure your car registration is also changed prior to retagging.

Social Security
The Social Security Department is the next place to notify so you have no hassle in paying your taxes or obtaining a job because your Social Security does not have a picture associated with the card do you need the driver’s license to match the SS card.

Financial institutions
After divorce in CO your name may still reflect your married name and that of your spouse’s name. This may be an issue to use the money without your spouse present. You may want to make this a priority to open a new account with the new name to avoid any mistakes early on after the name change