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Divorce can be very difficult for everybody involved. Life becomes upturned, and you must essentially learn to start over, so anything that can make this process easier is welcome. There is a lot to consider before making big decisions concerning your divorce, and timing can be very important:

What is your situation?

There are many variables to contemplate here: are there children involved? If so you could qualify for child support. Depending on circumstances, you might be a candidate for spousal support. If you are considering divorce, it is highly important to assess all aspects of your financial situation and ensure that you will be able to be financially secure once your divorce is final. It is best to put things into motion while you are still married to ensure that you will be financially stable before ending your marriage.

Do you have credit?

Where do you stand in this relationship? Have you been the breadwinner, or a stay at home parent? Depending on whose name the credit cards and bank account are in, you may not have any credit once you strike out on your own. Ensure that you have some semblance of credit built up, and will be able to apply for credit cards and obtain loans once single. Before you divorce, apply for a credit card in your name and build your credit.

When time is of the essence

If you feel that you must leave the relationship as soon as possible, then you may have an option to file for a legal separation from your spouse. This enables you to live in separate residences, and still protects you financially. A legal separation will allow you to take time apart and effectively suspend your marriage while official divorce plans are drawn up.  While separated you can begin to make the steps that will separate you from your spouse, such as close joint bank accounts, and gather a solid divorce team that will help you make other important arrangements and changes.

Divorce can be turbulent, and there are a lot of changes that come along with this major decision. One of the most important things you can do is make sure that the timing is right. If you are unable to support yourself or find a new residence, then it might be a better decision to wait or file for a legal separation.