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Colorado Divorce law takes into consideration that divorce and the dissolution of marriage can be a traumatic event for all parties involved. This includes both the parents and the children affected by divorce. Due to the research that has shown the effectiveness of parenting classes after divorce, many Colorado courts order parenting classes. Although these parenting classes after divorce are not always mandatory in Colorado, they are normally advised by most courts.

What Are The Purposes of Parenting Classes After Divorce?

The parenting classes that are ordered after divorce are designed to help parents and children deal with the new situation. The main goal of these parenting classes is to teach parents how divorce will impact their children and what they can do to make the transition easier. These classes are also specifically designed to teach parents the skills they need to co-parent as a team and deal with their children as a united front. These programs are designed with the interests of the children and are also in compliance with Colorado family law.

Court Orders and Parenting Classes

The legislature in Colorado allows the court the authority to order parenting classes in all divorce proceedings. That means that anyone getting a divorce with minor children could be ordered by the Colorado court to complete parenting classes. Although these are not mandatory under Colorado legislature, many courts do order and advise that parenting classes be completed. In most courts, it is necessary for proof of parenting class completion be shown in order for the dissolution of marriage to be granted.

Many Parenting Class Options To Choose From

Although the parenting classes may be court ordered, you do have the option of choosing the parenting education classes that meet your needs specifically. There are many parenting classes offered and you may be able to complete online parenting classes. Upon completion of the parenting class program of your choice you simply give certification proof to the court. In some cases, the court may specify the type of parenting class that you are ordered to complete. However, this is only in specific divorce cases where the children needs are in jeopardy. All certified parenting programs in Colorado are approved by the court.