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Taking a Maiden Name Back during Divorce

In a Colorado divorce process, the wife to change her last name back to the name she had prior to that marriage, typically her maiden name. The wife has to request the name change during the proceedings and affirm that the name change is not detrimental to the interests of any other person.

Changing a last name after the divorce is final is also possible if it was not done during the divorce. This name change involves going through court to change your last name and is completely separate from divorce and family law proceedings. This type of a name change has its own requirements and fees.

Changing the Child’s Last Name

Family law proceedings in some instances allow a  last name change of a minor child if it is determined to be in the best interests of the child. The best interest factors are specified in Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS §14-10-124 Best interest of the child) .

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