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Parenting plans define where the child will live, and who will care for his needs after the parents’ divorce. In some cases, under special circumstances, parents can appeal for changes to an approved parenting plan.

Need for Modification of Your Parenting Plan

Parenting plans in Colorado have to be approved by a family law judge. The parenting plan will include details about the child’s physical living arrangements, whether he will spend an equal amount of time with each parent, and whether parents will jointly share custody of the child (including making decisions about financial, medical and educational needs of the child), or whether one parent will be the primary residential parent, with whom the child spends most of the time.

However, there may be circumstances that call for changes in the details of the parenting plan. For instance, one of the parents may have to move from the Colorado city which is his or her residence for employment and other reasons. In some cases, one of the parents may have a change in job schedule, which makes it difficult for him or her to adhere to the previously approved parenting plan. When the child enrolls in school, it may complicate the current parenting plan, and therefore, the plan may require modification.

How to Proceed with the Modification of a Parenting Plan?

It is most simple if both parents come to a mutually acceptable agreement about the modification of the parenting plan. However, any changes that you both decide on must be approved by the court. Oral changes to a parenting plan are not considered legal.

If mutual agreement is not possible, then consider mediation to help you resolve these issues. If that doesn’t work either, then you may have to get the courts involved to resolve these issues. You can file a motion for modification of the parenting plan. This is a much more expensive and time-consuming process, and also increases the risk of higher conflict between the parents. It is highly desirable for you to mutually come to an agreement, or at least use a mediator to work out issues.

If you wish to make changes to your parenting plan, speak with an attorney at our family law firm.