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The month of January is when divorce lawyers in Colorado and around the country see brisk activity. In fact, every year, January is when many couples decide to file for divorce.

There are several reasons for this, and many of them have to do with the holiday season that has just ended. During the holiday season, many couples who have decided to divorce choose to wait through the holiday season before legally ending their relationship. For instance, couples with children may decide that they want to spend holiday season together, and see whether they can rekindle the spark. If the couple however finds that the holiday season actually deepens the divide rather than bring them closer, they make the decision to file for divorce in January.

In other cases, a person who is considering divorce but has not officially made the announcement may decide to wait out the holiday season, to give the marriage another chance. Besides, many parents who have decided to divorce do not make it official until January, because they do not want to ruin the holidays for the children. Some parents may decide to give their kids one last magical holiday time together, before making the official decision. All these reasons ensure that January is the busiest month for divorce lawyers.

Some law firms have also managed to identify specific days of the month that see the highest number of filings. For instance, the first Monday after the kids return to school after the holidays seem to be when most parents rush to file for divorce. In fact, the entire first week when the children return to school after the holidays sees brisk divorce-related activity in many homes.