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Domestic violence is a criminal act that should not be taken lightly.  Whether you have been accused or have been a victim of this violent act, your first step should be to consult with an attorney. An experienced domestic violence attorney can help you to determine your many legal options available.

Unfortunately, both the victims and those accused of domestic violence are often embarrassed to discuss the related circumstances, especially with a stranger.  There can be a certain level of fear involved that your case will become known to the public at large and within your community, perhaps damaging your personal reputation or threatening your professional employment.  What many victims do not know is that by consulting with an attorney, your case is actually empowered and given more credibility.  Your legal counsel is also not allowed to discuss your case with anyone other than you, the client.

A Domestic Violence Attorney is knowledgeable of the inner workings of your local court systems.  This can prove invaluable in the long term. They already have professional relationships with the judges and prosecuting attorneys involved with your case.  Being found guilty can lead to a lengthy jail sentence, years of probation, and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.  Seeking professional legal counsel will always be to your best benefit.

The first step is usually a free consultation with your lawyer where you will discuss the overall review of the circumstances that have led to your being accused of or being victimized by domestic violence.  If you are a victim and fear your personal safety, you may need some assistance in finding a temporary shelter and professional counseling for both you and your children.  Don’t take unnecessary chances when it comes to domestic violence.