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Do you find yourself frequently suffering from muscle fatigue, headaches, or an upset stomach for no reason at all? Has your spouse recently taken an extra interest in feeding you, or making food for you?

No one wants to believe that their spouse is capable of poisoning. However, cases from around the country involving persons trying to poison their partners by lacing their foods with toxic chemicals, are on the increase.

How do you tell if you are being poisoned?

You suffer from symptoms that include muscular fatigue, chronic diarrhea, weakness, disorientation, and an overall sense of poor health. You may suffer from constant throat irritation, and may have frequent coughing, or choking sensation.

If you have ruled out other causes of these symptoms, you may want to get your food samples tested. There are labs located around the country that will test your food samples. Samples are subjected to of toxicology testing, and you might find a lab close to you. These tests however may be expensive. Labs may also want to know what kind of chemicals that they should be testing for, and you may have no clue what is being put in your food. It’s best to speak with and with an attorney to learn what to do next.

Spousal poisoning is also a tactic that can be used in the middle of a divorce. Spouses may rely on the likelihood that their partner will refuse to believe that he or she is being poisoned, or refuse to go to the police because of the fear of being called mentally unstable, or even crazy. If you believe you are being poisoned, speak to an attorney for more advice about what you should do next.

This article is for general informational purposes only. Please consult a licensed professional, physician, doctor or any other professional you deem necessary.