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When divorce happens, you’re likely to be feeling a great many emotions, and you might even be tempted to hop online and vent your frustrations on Facebook, Twitter, or your personal blog. However, there are a number of ways that improper computer use and online habits during divorce can hurt your case, especially if you’re fighting for alimony or custody of your children. In order to avoid problems like this, there are three things that you need to avoid when you sign on and consider how they might impact your case before you hit the submit button.

When you’re going through a divorce, keep in mind that everything you post isn’t just visible to family and friends, but also to other people who might not be on your side. One of the biggest errors people make online is that believing posts that are set to private cannot be accessed. In truth, social media accounts can be easily hacked, and all of your online conversations can be printed out for use against you in court. When it comes to computer use during a divorce, never put anything in writing online that you wouldn’t say to someone out loud.

Even your typical computer habits during divorce can hurt your court case, such as not being careful about the photos you post. While it’s perfectly normal to want to blow off steam by having a few drinks or stepping out with a friend, posting photos of yourself with a number of different men or women and drinking alcohol could be used against you. Before you post any photo, look at it as it you were the other party and if you have to think twice, don’t post it at all.

While it’s normal to want to vent about a spouse online after an argument or confrontation, call a friend or family member and talk it out with them instead of putting it online. Not only can your comment spread before you can control it, but even deleted conversations can be captured in a photo and printed out by those who are keeping track of your comments. One of the most common bad habits regarding computer use during divorce is that those who are involved don’t think their online comments will come back to haunt them. However, your words and photos can and will be used against you in court, so think before you post anything regarding your divorce.