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Some divorces involve so many different types of assets that they require special expertise to process. High asset divorces or high net worth divorces involve complicated assets and investments that can be difficult for the ordinary divorce lawyer to handle.

For instance, the typical high asset divorce will include multiple pieces of property spread across the country or even outside the country, mutual funds, and other investments, jewelry, large collections of art, businesses, professional practices like doctor and dental practices, gifts, and family wealth. Apart from these assets, these divorces will also include the division of corporate holdings, vacation homes, stock options, bonuses, intellectual property, hidden assets, and other assets.

In all of these cases, it’s very important to accurately determine the value of each individual asset before you divide it. That means that these divorces benefit from having not just a divorce lawyer, but also a highly specialized team that includes art evaluators, business evaluators, brokers, certified tax accountants, and other professionals. It’s important to get input from all of these professionals in order to accurately place a value on the assets up for division.

It’s also important to work with a legal team that appreciates the need to keep the proceedings as civil as possible. When there are substantial assets involved, a divorce can become increasingly aggressive and hostile. That can be detrimental to your own best interests in the divorce. Your divorce lawyers must be able to understand the need to keep things business- like without becoming too emotional about the assets involved. Your attorneys, for instance, must be able to prepare a balance sheet of all of your assets and debts, uncover any hidden or undisclosed assets, and identify what assets are up for division and what assets are yours alone.

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