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Child support registry is an initiative of the Colorado Department of Human Services under the Child Support Enforcement program. In a nutshell, the child support registry keeps the records of all parents who have been involved in divorces, separations, annulments or paternity cases and have been instructed by the court to provide child support.

The outreach and implications of the Child Support Enforcement program is much broader than what it may seem. In Colorado, the child support registry or the child support enforcement program is not an optional legal statute or a right that would be invoked in case of disputes. Albeit one parent being the custodian of the child can claim child support from the other parent but it is anyway an enforceable legal statute that the court would exercise without any exemptions. In Colorado, the child support law clearly states that it would be invoked in all divorce, separation, annulment and paternity cases without any case being exempted from it, with or without the agreement of the parents to that effect.

The utility of child support registry or the child support enforcement program in Colorado is also self initiated. The courts do not await a divorce case or a paternity lawsuit to exercise the child support law. Kids who have been abandoned by parents or are without any parental assistance are provided all the resources so as to locate the parent and to bestow the responsibilities that are legally permissible. For instance, the child support enforcement program can initiate the conducting of paternity tests to identify the father or can locate both partners of a child and then the child support law is exercised to have the parents share the accountability of attending to the needs of the child.

Child support registry is thus the custodian of all family cases involving kids. The initiative by Colorado Department of Human Services has been designed to ensure that a child gets a home to stay in, gets well attended to financially and has a guardian taking care of the growing up years of the child, until adulthood. The provisions include all matters of child welfare such as education, housing, food, healthcare and any extraordinary situation that may exist in certain cases.

Apart from being the facilitator of children’s welfare, the child support registry and child enforcement program also strive to maintain cordial relations between parents which is conducive to proper grooming and social well-being of the child or children in context.

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