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Child support modification is a process of reviewing the amount of money a parent pays as child support. It is governed by the child support modification guidelines in Colorado as laid out in the child support law. The child support modification process can be opted for by any parent in Denver right at the time when the amount of child support has been determined or later when there are changes in the financial condition of one or both parents which may make it necessary to review the current child support being paid.

Child support modification is opted for at the start when either or both parents do not agree to the amount of money that either or both have to pay. If the custodian or the other parent of the child thinks that their share in the child support program has been unfair then he or she can move the court. This type of child support modification is termed as deviation and only a judge has the powers to review and revise such amounts of child support.

Child support modification can be asked for later, during any instance when certain changes have occurred with either one parent or both parents. The child support amount can be reviewed and the amount can stay the same, be reduced or increased, depending on the situation.

Requesting a Child Support Modification

Typically, the situations where child support modification can be initiated in Colorado include changes in either or both parents’ incomes, good faith career change, number of overnight visitation nights, changes to overnight visitation, loss of employment, medical conditions or disability, primary custody and residential status, cost of health insurance and day care among others.

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