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Child Support Calculation in Colorado

Child support calculation is the process of assessing the incomes of two parents and the expected expenses to raise their child or the children so that the amount of child support that the parents must pay can be determined. It is not a very complicated exercise in most cases but in some cases, rare circumstances or factors can make child support calculation a tedious and often a complex process.

Child support calculation is purely an administrative process. It is governed by the child support law in Colorado which has stringent child support guidelines. According to the child support guidelines, there is a child support calculator which is used to determine the total gross incomes of both parents and all potential expenses of the child. Once these two are determined, each parent is bestowed with the responsibility of sharing child support.

The concept of the child support calculator in Colorado is developed on the fact that had the parents been  raising the child together, the amount of money the two parents would have collectively spent, shouldn’t be compromised on or changed after separation. Since the expenditures made by two parents wouldn’t have been the same, the child support calculator takes into consideration incomes and also who is the custodian of the child while assessing the amount that each parent should pay.

Income & Expenses in Child Support Calculation

Child support calculation takes into account all sources of income. It includes salaries, tips, investments and returns on investments, any interests gained from savings and also social security benefits. In regards to the expenses of the child, the housing, healthcare, education, recreation and staple expenditure of the child are all taken into consideration. Usually, the child support calculator bestows accountability on both parents and allots a fair share to both that must be paid to ensure proper grooming and well being of the child.

The child support calculator gets the job done and the parents are usually notified by mail unless the child support calculation is being challenged by any or both parents. It may so happen that neither or either parent agrees to the amount that has been arrived at. It may be too high or too low. There can be some disputes which then have to be raised in court. One has to file for deviation in child support calculation which will then be heard by a judge and he or she shall determine if the child support calculation has been fair or it needs to be revised which will be acceptable to both parents and for the well being of the child.

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