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In many cases that Colorado divorce lawyers come across, when a person has begun to consider divorce, there does come a time when he or she feels the need to give the marriage another chance. Not all marriages that are in trouble must end. In some cases, what the couple needs is therapy, counseling, or just some time apart.

Couples counseling can be an effective way to get your marriage back on track. Sometimes, spouses simply lose focus of what is important in their marriage, or stop talking to each other. Make a list of all the things that you fight about, and learn to find solutions to these issues.

It could also be that you are unintentionally contributing to the trouble in your marriage unintentionally. Focus on the things that you do or say that are igniting fights, and see what you could be doing differently in order to bring more harmony and peace into your relationship.

Make a deal with each other to cut out the criticism and negativity, and to communicate with each other again. Many marriages collapse because of a lack of communication, and if you can begin to talk to each other about your feelings without making snide remarks, or being sarcastic or insulting each other, you could find that what you have is worth holding onto.

Finally, a trial separation could be a way of salvaging a marriage in trouble. Sometimes, what couples need is some time apart, and a realization that life with their spouse is worth holding onto. A few days away from each other can give you perspective, possibly helping save your marriage.