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A court order for child custody is considered permanent. However in some cases, these permanent orders can be modified.

A child custody modification can be sanctioned by a court, if the court agrees that there are reasonable and very strong grounds that warrant a modification. It is important for you to understand that you can’t simply move the court for modification if you find the current schedule, merely inconvenient. A child custody order can only be modified if the court agrees that the custody schedule is in conflict with the interests of the child. Therefore, if you seek a modification, you must be able to provide the court with enough evidence to convince it that the modification is justified.

The following are examples of cases in which courts may consider a modification of a child custody order.

One of the most common reasons why parents move court for modification of a child custody order, is substance abuse by one of the parents. In such cases, the parent may argue that exposure to the other parent will impact the mental, and emotional health of the child. If your ex-spouse struggles with an alcohol or drug problem, or any other kind of issue that might compromise the child’s physical, emotional or psychological well-being, you can speak to a Colorado family lawyer for help modifying your child custody agreement in order to protect your child.

Another common reason why people seek child custody modification is a move by one of the parents out of the city or state of Colorado. If the move would mean a huge geographic distance between the parent and the child, which would make it difficult to stick to the terms of the earlier child custody order by the court, parents may move the court for a modification.