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It used to be that a private investigator was hired to snoop on a spouse for the impending divorce. However, in 2014, while a private investigator can still be quite relevant, much of the information that your spouse’s divorce attorneys want from you is probably available on your Facebook page.

Never underestimate the power of social media networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to complicate your divorce proceedings. Your spouse could now rely on the use of these social networking sites to gain a treasure trove of information that can be used later in divorce proceedings.

You may believe that the harmless posts that you post on your Facebook wall ranting or poking fun at your spouse, may be therapeutic. However, those posts are hardly private, and can be shared by others, possibly resulting in a difficult situation for you. Besides, there may be photographs, videos, comments that other people have posted on your walls, wall-to wall conversations and other data that can be invaluable to other party.

For instance, if you have hidden assets during the divorce, know that this is illegal, and you can be caught if you have posted pictures of such properties on your Facebook page. Similarly, if you post pictures of expensive holidays, or luxurious new cars, you’re likely to find that your soon to be ex-spouse could use this information when it comes to alimony, child support and other critical matters. Facebook is where everybody goes to brag, but bragging can be very expensive during a divorce.

If you are using social media, do not discuss your divorce on your page, and don’t say anything negative about your spouse. Turn off the location checking feature on your social media sites, and avoid posting photographs of any events that you attend. Make your privacy settings very stringent, and avoid making your divorce public.  Remember, you may delete your posts and photographs, but can do nothing to prevent the other party from taking screenshots of incriminating pictures and posts.

Unfortunately, many people use Facebook as a private chat room which is exactly what they should not be doing during a divorce. Therefore it is best to stop social media use, while the divorce proceedings are still on. You could deactivate your social media accounts temporarily.