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“Culver is a dedicated, responsive, knowledge, communicative lawyer. He was able to quickly and cheaply resolve a family issue for me and get the best possible outcome. Culver met with me, understood the case fully, prepared and executed a very effective strategy. He literally had the opposing party turned around in circle in a matter of days. He ensured I was fully informed of everything, at every single step.”
~ Family Law

“I hired Culver for a divorce, not knowing how complicated and horrific my case would turn out to be. With Culver’s support and guidance, I am now safely away from my ex (and have a wonderful Permanent Protection Order against my ex) and am happily divorced. Culver really understands Domestic Violence and gave me great recommendations for getting the help that I needed. I cannot imagine another attorney giving as much time or dedication to my case.”~Divorce

“Culver cares about his client. He will do everything in his power to fight for justice. As far as attorneys are concerned, he understands domestic violence. If you are ready to get out of an abusive marriage, Culver will help you regain what you have lost.” ~ Divorce

“I went to Culver Van Der Jagt, having no idea as to what I was doing. My husband was divorcing me and I had never been through anything like this. I met with Culver and he took my case and helped me by directing me down the right path for my future benefit. He was able to look at the whole picture when I could see just a small part of it. He listened to me and was caring. I felt that he had the best interests in mind for both me and my family. He is very smart and observant of people and uses what he sees to help people. He is exactly what you are looking for when seeking an attorney. He will look out for you! He’s also very mindful of not wasting your money. He is fair when it comes to your fees. You can question whatever you don’t understand and he will explain things to you in a respectful way. I would recommend him to anyone needing a divorce.” ~ Divorce

“Within the first 2 minutes of speaking to Culver (on a weekend, no less) I knew he really “got it” with my complicated situation. The ex and I used a mediator for our divorce. Now that the ex has a new spouse with Psychological issues things are just now getting nasty (years after the divorce settlement). Culver helped me and my current spouse understand what and who we are dealing with by looking into some history, educating us on specific psychological disorders and helping us have a plan of action in place to protect ourselves and my children. I walked out of his office with feelings of empowerment instead of despair. I’ve already recommended Culver to 2 people in similar situations.” ~ Child Custody

“It was a Sunday morning when I found out my child had been abducted. I contacted the Van Der Jagt Law firm immediately; Culver dropped everything to see me. Within 72 hours Culver managed to get orders from a Jefferson County magistrate stating that the child was not allowed to leave Colorado. The case furthered for over a month, during that time the Van Der Jagt Law Firm worked on my case day and night, they finally got my daughter back to her family. I am very grateful to have a person like Culver in my life thanks to him I have my family back. I recommend them to anybody in need of child custody.” ~ Child Custody

“I entered the lowest point of my life when I decided to get a divorce. I contacted one attorney who didn’t work out, I then went to Culver. I found out that I had comingled my mother’s estate money into my marriage, which was a hugh mistake. I had the opportunity to lose almost all of the estate that my parents had worked their whole life for to leave to me and my children.
Through Culver and his staffs tireless efforts they helped me with tracing and a whole plan of action to fight for my mother’s estate, money that had been left to me. I at times was at the very lowest that I have ever been in life but with a favorable settlement at the end that occured because of Culver and his staffs efforts I can go on as a human being and reestablish my life and have the money that was intended for my family.” ~ Divorce

“When I first met with Culver I was worried about my rights as a parent and what legal action I had available to me. It was easy to be open and honest with him and he quickly understood my position and reassured me of my rights. Knowing cost was a factor, he provided me with the tools to reduce the bill and work effectively on a solution. When no other option, other than a court appearance, was available his legal team (Megan Kahn) came through with flying colors. Culver and his law firm worked seamlessly as a cohesive unit to best serve me and my family. I owe them a debt of gratitude. Thank you so much on protecting my parenting rights, providing an outcome way above and beyond my expectations.” ~ Family Law

“For a divorce that has been dragged out and had to be reexamined multiple times over 7 years, Culver has taken time to understand all the issues involved. No divorce is simple. Culver has been able to negotiate settlements rather than the expensive court routes. He has always had mine as well as my childrens best interests in mind. He has worked very hard to maintain my parental rights as a father and the expenses related. Not many lawyers can be called a friend. Culver has become what I consider a friend… because he cares.” ~ Child Support

“Culver Van Der Jagt was an absolutely dedicated lawyer, advisor and support for my son and our family as he dealt with divorce and child custody issues. None of us could have know how many twists and turns this case would take; Culver handled everything with professionalism, knowledge and integrity. We could not have had someone better to represent him and to keep our grandchild’s best interests at heart. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.” ~Divorce Separation

“First and foremost I would like to say that Culver Van Der Jagt and his associates are very professional in all aspects of the practice. His personal attention to my needs was outstanding. As my attorney he listened to all my requests as well as explained all my avenues I needed to persue to obtain my goals. My legal issues were expidited in timely matter and I would highly recommend him and his firm to others.” ~ Divorce/Separation

“We came to Culver in the midst of an ugly child custody battle. At the time my boyfriend’s ex had taken his daughter and was not allowing him to see her at all. Culver immediately helped us by breaking down what seemed to be an insurmountable task into manageable steps. He is a big picture thinker and always helped us to see the ultimate goal instead of getting caught up in the smaller petty arguments. With his help we actually got more parenting time than we originally requested. We got half!!! We won every major argument we had and feel truly blessed to have had Culver in our corner.” ~ Child Custody

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