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Supervision of parenting time can allow one parent, or the non-custodial or nonresidential parent to spend time with the child in a supervised environment. This type of arrangement can be seen with child custody, when there is a negative history in the family, including an environment of domestic violence, allegations of physical abuse, or if the parent has a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

In such cases, supervised parenting time allows the parent to spend time with the child, in a supervised environment.  A court may mandate that the supervised parenting time is necessary in order to avoid the risk of any emotional or physical injury to the child. In such cases, the judge will approve of the parties that are in charge of the supervision. Such supervision can be performed by anyone, including relatives or friends of the family. In some cases, special supervision agencies may be hired. These agencies will provide a trained staff member to perform this supervision for a fee. The parenting time will be supervised both while inside the house, or outside like at the park or playground, or on an outing.

A supervised parenting time arrangement does not have to be permanent. Over a period of time and depending on the feedback provided by the supervisors and a number of other factors, these arrangements may be phased into a complete unsupervised parenting time.

If you are a parent who wants your child to spend only supervised parenting time with the other parent, you will have to appeal to the court. You will also have to provide evidence that such supervision will be necessary. Needless to say, introducing a petition like this will only deteriorate your relationship with the other parent, and create more tension between the parents.

If you have questions about supervised parenting time, speak with an experienced Colorado family lawyer at our firm.