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A step parent who wishes to adopt the child of his spouse can file papers for adoption of the child. Step parent adoption in Colorado can be an expedited process, compared to the conventional process of adoption of a child in the state.

However, the law requires that certain conditions be met before the adoption process goes through. If you are a step parent who wishes to adopt your spouse’s child, then the nonresidential parent of the child must have abandoned the child for at least a year, and must have failed to support the child. The adoption may be expedited in those cases, where the custodial parent has legal custody of the child, and the non-custodial parent has no objection to the adoption.

Process of Step Parent Adoption in Colorado

However, you will be required to go through a criminal background check before papers are filed. The background screening check will be conducted by local law enforcement agencies. The papers to be filed for adoption are called Petition for Adoption, and the biological parent of the child – not your spouse – will have to be notified about the petition for adoption. For the process to be completed, you will have to obtain a Consent of Adoption from the custodial as well as noncustodial parent. If the child is above the age of 12, the child will also have to agree to the adoption, and must file the Consent to Adoption for children below the age of 12.

When the court grants your petition for adopting your stepchild, it will also issue an order, terminating the parental relationship with the biological parent.

If you are a Colorado parent who wishes to adopt a stepchild, discuss the procedure with a Colorado adoption lawyer. For child custody contact Van Der Jagt custody attorneys to discuss your particular situation.