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Are you sure you want to go through with a divorce?

Sometimes, couples may not explore all of the various options before they file for divorce.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before filing for a divorce.

Have you tried any other options to save your marriage? Have you tried couples counseling?

Have you tried talking things out with your spouse instead of simply fighting it out?

Are you ready to try anything to save your marriage?

Is your spouse ready to try counseling or therapy or any other way of saving your marriage?

Are you ready for the financial changes that divorce will cause?

Have you thought about how the divorce will affect your entire family and your children?

Do you have a positive outlook for the future? In other words, when you think about life after divorce, do you find the future grim, and bleak, or full of potential?

Will you regret getting a divorce?

Are you ready for the fact that many of your friends may not decide to keep in touch with you after the divorce, while others will probably support your ex-spouse during the divorce?

This happens often in a divorce, and it is something that many divorced persons are completely unprepared for. Loyalties do tend to shift when a couple gets divorced.

If you would like to discuss your circumstances with a divorce attorney contact us.