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Getting married? Thinking about a prenuptial agreement? This legal contract lists the division of assets and property should a divorce occur. A prenuptial agreement protects the person who comes into the marriage with more property and financial assets. It also helps the other spouse obtain a fair financial consideration. This agreement is best discussed and agreed upon well in advance of a marriage

Getting It Right

Colorado law requires that prenuptial agreements be in writing. Both individuals must give a comprehensive disclosure of their assets. And they both must come into the agreement voluntarily, once the content of the agreement is settled. Both must agree with the document once it is completed.


According to Colorado law, prenuptial agreements may be amended before or after marriage as long as it is in writing and signed by both individuals.


Anything that pertains to children cannot be a part of a prenuptial agreement. Any inclusions that have to do with children are null and void.

Ask the Experts

Preparing a prenuptial agreement is complicated. You need an experienced attorney help you negotiate Colorado law to help you create a legally-binding contact.

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