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Parental alienation occurs during separation or divorce when one parent tries to separate his/her children from the other parent through seemingly innocent communications. For most parents doing the sabotaging, this usually stems from feelings of jealousy, anger or fear. A parent can display these feelings several ways:

Share circumstances such as financial difficulties that would not exist without the separation or the divorce with children. This breeds resentment for the other parent.

Express negative opinions of the spouse to color a child’s perspective of him or her. This kind of brainwashing usually makes the critical spouse appear good, innocent or unfortunate.

Express dislike for the other parent through body language such as eye rolls, head shaking, and deprecating looks. The child reads these body movements and learns that the other parent is wrong or stupid.

Refuse to be in the same room as the other parent and/or refuse to cooperate in co-parenting. This can cause children believe the other parent has done something wrong and they assign anger to the other parent.

Aggressively blame the other parent in front of the child(ren). This causes children to believe they must take sides and alienate the other parent.

The one who suffers from these behaviors and difficulties is the child. He or she may never have a reparative relationship with the parent who is alienated. He or she may spend life believing the lies their other parent spread. If the child does discover the defamation, his or her relationship with both parents will degrade.

Parental alienation has become more prevalent and the Colorado family courts have noticed. Today’s lawyers (and certainly your lawyer) need to be able to expose a spouse’s attempt to poison a relationship between their spouse and the children who do not deserve the torment. Consult this firm immediately for fair, helpful representation.

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