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The duration of divorce process in Colorado can vary quite a lot depending on different factors. There are some common key elements that are in a typical divorce.

The initial phase of a Colorado divorce takes you through a 90 day process. A summons and the petition are filed by the court and the spouse is served. There is a minimum time period of 90 days that you have to wait for the courts to grant a divorce. In some instances a divorce may be finalized in 91 days or so.

You have 20 days from the initial filing to submit financial disclosures to the court, both parties are required to do this. This time frame will be extended to 40 days if there is no response within the first 20 days. There are also temporary orders that could be given at this time. This is what makes the duration of divorce process Colorado so daunting. The State of Colorado will require you to take a parenting after divorce course as well.

The whole divorce could be done in about three months. However, when there are many components to the divorce such as child custody, parenting time, etc. and especially if the divorce is contested and not amicable the length of the divorce process can extend months, anywhere from 6 – 12 months or more.

Divorce is always a stressful process—and all involved would like to have it over as soon as possible and as seamlessly as possible. It is a good idea to communicate in a civil manner and if you can’t then seek mediation as quickly as possible will make the duration of divorce process Colorado much easier.