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Divorces are never completely painless. However, in many cases, couples are beginning to realize that divorce doesn’t necessarily have to mean harsh words, fighting, or full on battle. A divorce filled with conflict is scarring and traumatizing for children and for you. Choosing to work together amicably with your ex-spouse can make the divorce process less painful for everybody involved.

In order to have a friendly divorce, it’s important to communicate. Talk over with your spouse, openly and honestly about all matters concerning the divorce, children, parenting time, division of property, finances and so on.

When you are able to find common ground with your spouse the stress reduces for you and for your children.

Financial matters can turn into heated conversations. Make sure that all old bills are paid, and that all loose financial strings are tied up. One of the easiest ways to trigger hostility in a divorce is with finances. Big financial topics such as the potential need to sell the home or a business division may require a few talks, an appraisal, weighing your options in order to reach an agreement. When you’re able to deal with financial matters in a healthy manner, you have a much better chance of having a friendly divorce.

You may want to consult a knowledgeable divorce attorney, to go over your amicable divorce, to make sure nothing was left out or missed.