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Gray divorce, the term that is given to senior divorce, is a trend that Colorado divorce lawyers have been seeing more of recently. Gone are the days when love was meant to last forever. These days, divorce lawyers are seeing more and more couples in their 50s, 60s and even 70s wanting to end their marriage.

In fact, senior divorce is not exactly a rare phenomenon. According to statistics, since 1990 at least, the divorce rate for people above the age of 50 in the United States has actually doubled. For senior citizens in the above- 55 age category, the divorce rate has more than doubled. Even as divorce rates for people in other age categories has either stabilized or dropped, gray divorce rates seem to be rising. Currently, one out of every four people undergoing divorce proceedings in the United States is a minimum of 50 years of age. Nearly one in 10 is at least 65 years of age.

It’s not at all uncommon now to find couples who have been married for a long as 20 years or even more, seeking to end their marital relationship. In many of these cases, it doesn’t seem to be just one single factor that contributed to the decision to divorce. Rather, the couple simply grew apart after years of living together.

Another major factor in those increasing senior divorce rates is that divorce is not a stigmatized as it used to be. These are seniors who may have married each other during a time when divorce was looked down upon, and may not have considered divorce all these years because of because of the stigma attached. They don’t seem to struggle with that anymore because divorce is no longer a taboo.

As life expectancies and health levels for Americans have increased, seniors have begun to increase their expectations of marriage. They’re much more likely to decide to end the union if they feel that it doesn’t meet their expectations or needs anymore.