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Divorce is often considered a major trigger for bankruptcy. Divorce is closely linked to financial struggles, and very often, this has to do with financial mistakes not just during the divorce, but also after it.

To avoid financial mistakes during a divorce, it’s important to get in touch with a Colorado family lawyer, and seek expert guidance with a tax and financial professional.

After the divorce, it’s important to be even more careful, and work on your own to establish yourself financially. Now more than ever, you must be in a situation where you are financially independent and able to take care of your expenses should an emergency arise.

Don’t use money to make you feel better after divorce. Some get so disillusioned and heartbroken after the divorce that they simply squander money, putting them on the road towards debt.

Stay away from the credit card trap. Avoid making expensive and large purchases on a credit card when you know that you cannot afford them.

If you have never worked, now is the time to start looking for a job. Boost employability by taking special classes. If you are already working, give yourself some time to mourn, and get back to establishing yourself in your job and putting yourself on the path to more career success. You might have neglected your job during the stress of the divorce, and now is the time to put all that behind you.