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The holidays can mean stress for most divorced parents who deal with balancing visitation schedules, drop-offs, and pickups, all while trying to coordinate holiday plans themselves. Here’s how you can make this a stress-free time, not just for you, but more importantly for your children.

Focus on the children. They are your top priority, and if that you means you have to compromise with your ex-spouse on a few matters, do it. Keep the children out of any of your disputes over visitation time, and do not force your children to take sides in any holiday-related dispute with their other parent.

Whatever plans you are making, Colorado family lawyers suggest that you make sure that they are in accordance with your parenting plan. Start with the parenting plan as the base. Sometimes, it may not be possible to stick stringently to the terms of the parenting schedule, because you may want to make plans of your own with your children. However, remember that you must keep the other parent informed of any change in plans at all times. First, ask if the other parent is agreeable to change in the holiday schedule this time around. Do not simply assume that the parent will be agreeable about any modification to the schedule.

However, try to be flexible to any change in the holiday schedule requested by the other parent. Remember, if you are flexible this time around, your ex-spouse is much more likely to be flexible the next time when it is you who needs a change in the schedule.

Plan your holiday well in advance. Don’t make last-minute plans- it’s much harder to work out the minute details like who’s going to drop the kids off, or pick them up, when you plan holidays at the very last minute.

For help with child custody or visitation matters, contact a Colorado family lawyer.