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Before you file for divorce in Douglas County, Colorado, there are residency requirements that you must fulfill. Under Colorado law, you must have been a resident of the state for a minimum of 90 days before you file a petition for dissolution of the marriage.

Your petition for dissolution of the marriage or your divorce petition can be filed in the Douglas County Courthouse. The court must find that you (or your spouse) have been a resident of the state for 90 days before filing for divorce. If the court finds that the residency requirements have not been met, it could even dismiss your petition.

Your petition must contain the grounds on which you are filing for divorce. In Colorado, which is a no-fault state, you can only obtain a divorce by claiming that your marriage is irretrievably broken.

Your Douglas County Court will have the jurisdictional right to decide on all of the matters related to your divorce, including the division of assets and debt, child support, child custody, visitation, spousal support and other matters.

If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement about child custody, the matter will be referred to the court. The court will make a decision that is in the best interests of the child. The court will make a decision based on the age of the child, parents’ history with each other, the child’s individual relationship with each parent, and even the child’s own wishes. If the child is old enough, the court may also consider his own wishes and opinion about custody before making a decision.

For help filing for divorce in Douglas County or to learn about your rights to the custody of your child contact us.