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Like in most other Christian denominations, the Church of Latter-Day Saints frowns upon divorce. Divorce is not encouraged by the Mormon community, and the decision to divorce is never one that’s taken lightly by members of the Church.

In the Church of Latter-Day Saints, marriage is a sacred covenant between man and woman, who make the covenant not just with each other, but also with God. Therefore, they should make every effort to preserve the union. However, in those circumstances in which it is not possible for two people to continue living together as husband and wife anymore, the only sensible option is to end the marital relationship. In that case, it makes much more sense for you to consult with a divorce lawyer, who has experience dealing with people of your faith. It is not absolutely critical that you hire a specific Mormon divorce attorney, but it is highly recommended that you do so.

There are several reasons for this. For many people, “divorce lawyer” equals “aggressive lawyer.” Many divorce lawyers equate a successful divorce practice with an aggressive one, and invest in fighting tooth and nail for the highest possible recovery for their client. That means high voltage courtroom drama, without any regard for the emotions and feelings of everybody involved in the divorce, including the children. These lawyers are much more likely to take their cases to court in trials that last months. Such divorces can result in long drawn- out feelings of hostility between both parties, and possibly lifelong emotional trauma for the children involved.

Needless to say, Mormons frown on divorces like these. In a Mormon divorce, the focus is to end the marital relationship in a peaceful and amicable agreement. The two parties should sit together and discuss all issues and preferably in a mediation setting with the help of a third-party neutral mediator. The third-party mediator has no personal vested interest in either of the parties, and therefore is in the perfect position to help the couple come to an agreement.

Contact us and speak to a Mormon family law lawyer about your situation and how you may be able to come to a mutual and cordial agreement on all matters.