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child looking out windowWhen it comes to children in the middle of a divorce or a break up, a custody situation can get quickly get filled with conflict. While some custody arrangements get resolved fairly easily, others may require an appointment of a Child and Family Investigator (CFI). In Colorado, CFI is assigned in certain child custody cases to evaluate and observe the family situation. These investigators are usually licensed mental health professionals that are trained to have impeccable judgment when it comes to children and their parents. They will conduct investigations on the family to determine which which parent would be a better choice for the children to live with and with how much parenting time should be allocated to each parent. CFIs are strictly there for the children’s best interests.

Appointment of a CFI

The process to acquire a child and family investigator can be complicated and confusing. Filing for a motion of appointment is the first step. You may request a specific child and family investigator in Colorado. You need to make sure they are available to take your case on and you should feel comfortable with the selection. You will be working with this investigator for quite some time. The selection of a CFI can be an integral area of your case and consulting with a knowledgeable custody attorney can prove to be vital in the determination and appointment of a CFI.

Cost of a CFI

Cost of hiring a CFI in Colorado differs depending on which court system you are going through and also the CFI themselves. They can apply hourly rates or a flat rate to you. However, the Child and Family Investigator fee is capped at $2,000. If the amount exceeds the $2,000, a written court order would need to be approved before further action. Another option for payment is a state paid Child and Family Investigator. You might be eligible if you qualify under certain circumstances.

In some cases you may need to consider the appointment of a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator instead of a CFI. Also, sometimes a mediator may recommend a couple using a CFI (or a PRE).

The content of this page is for general informational purposes only, and should not be considered advice in your case. If you’re getting a divorce, you need a Denver divorce attorney who knows the intricacies of divorce in Colorado and the details of the law.