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A high net worth divorce doesn’t merely involve complex division of assets, or potential disputes over alimony. It often involves legal battles over child custody.

There are legal challenges involved when you’re a high net worth individual that can affect the way a parental visitation schedule is designed to encourage and promote your relationship with your child even after the divorce. Issues involving child custody and visitation can be complicated in a high net worth divorce.

The person, who is the higher-income earning partner in the marriage may travel frequently, and may have an erratic schedule that may not fit in with the confines of a scheduled parental visitation plan.

Talk to a Colorado divorce lawyer about how you can protect and promote your rights to a relationship with your child after the divorce.

Also, avoid rushing to move out of the marital home if you’re considering a divorce. The temptation to move simply because you can afford to, is very high during these times, but this could be a decision that negatively impacts your rights to custody of your child after the divorce. The non-custodial parent may also attempt to use child custody issues as a bargaining tool in order to obtain a larger financial settlement.

There are pitfalls that you can avoid by planning ahead and negotiating cautiously with the other party’s attorneys. Get expert advice from a Colorado divorce lawyer to avoid having your rights to custody of your child compromised.