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Some parents may choose to have a joint custody or shared custody arrangement, in which they share the physical as well as legal custody of the child. In an arrangement like this, the child will spend approximately an equal amount of time with each parent. For logical reasons, this kind of arrangement can become difficult to implement when the parents are living in different counties in the Denver area.

In a situation like this, it is often arranged in a way in which one parent is designated as the primary parent, and has custody of the child for the majority of the time. The other parent will have parenting time with the child. This visitation would be in accordance with the visitation schedule that is finalized at the time the court issues the divorce decree.

Speak to a family lawyer in Denver about the type of custody arrangement, visitation plan and parenting schedule that will be most appropriate in your type of situation. Typically, a schedule like this will include weekend visits, visits during vacations, holidays, and other types of arrangements.

The parenting plan should define which parent is responsible for picking up and dropping the child during visitation. Expenses for visitation, especially when the commute involves extensive driving or the use of public transport. Don’t simply assume that the other parent will bear transportation expenses. These are details that should be included in the visitation plan to avoid conflict later.

For more help designing a visitation plan for a your situation involving parents living in different counties in the Denver region contact us for a consultation.