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Most divorce cases in Colorado will go towards a settlement. A litigious divorce is not just more time-consuming and expensive, but also contributes to toxicity in the relationship between the two spouses, which is ultimately detrimental to the best interests of the children.

There are several advantages to settling your divorce, instead of going through the court system.

It is much cheaper than going through a divorce court system.

It is much less time-consuming and a settlement can be reached in days or weeks, while a divorce can move through the court system for months and even years. It is not unheard of for a divorce trial to last for up to three years, and if there is an appeal, the process will drag out even longer.

It is much less taxing on your relationship with each other. Using a settlement conference, you can take the opportunity to resolve differences and come to an agreement that is acceptable to both of you. Compromises may have to be made by the parties. However, a settlement is likely to be much more amicable than a jury verdict, no matter what the cause of the divorce. This is ultimately in the best interests of the children, because a litigious divorce can lead to a lot of bad blood between divorcing parents.

A litigious divorce can also become very public. If there are aspects of your divorce that you want to keep private, a settlement is the best option.

Additionally, there is very little control that you can have over your divorce if it goes the court route. You can’t predict what decision a jury will deliver, and if failure to compromise is the reason why you went to court in the first place, you may find that you actually lose any concessions that could have been gained via a settlement.

However, just because there are advantages to settling does not mean that you rush towards one. If the terms of the settlement are exceedingly unfair to you, and the other party demands too many concessions from you, there is no reason for you to settle.

Too many persons rush towards a settlement, compromising their rights. Speak with a Colorado divorce attorney at our firm before you make any divorce-related decisions.