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No matter how much you believe that you are in the right in your divorce or child custody case, your case will depend on the judge who is hearing it. In some matters like determination of alimony, or property division, judges may have a lot of discretion, and how the judge feels about your case may impact your interests.

You will not get to pick your judge in your divorce or child custody case. When a new case is filed, it simply gets assigned based on the order in which it arrives in the court. In fact, your case will continue to remain in the same court for years after. You will have to deal with whichever judge is assigned to your case.

There are very few circumstances in which you could actually get a change of judge for your case. For example, you may feel that many decisions are going against your favor, or that the judge is being partial, However, it isn’t as simple as you feeling uncomfortable about the judge’s impartiality in your case. You have to be able to give evidence to support your belief that the judge may not be fair or impartial in your case, and may need to remove himself from hearing the case. However, getting the judge removed from the case is an extreme complicated process, and is not something that you should attempt.

It would be better for you to get yourself familiar with the judge who will be in charge of your case. In fact, being difficult at the outset doesn’t spell good news for your case, going down the road. Remember that many disputes related to divorce continue for weeks and even months.