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Getting divorced is a stressful affair, but you can do little things that help you move on with minimal stress after the divorce.

Try to cooperate with your ex-spouse in order to make parenting as easy as possible. If you hold on to the resentment and bitterness in your heart, you can find that parenting may become a major challenge.

Stay in touch with your ex. Have discussions about your visitation schedule, upcoming changes to the schedule, children’s activities, decisions to be made regarding the children, and other aspects of parenting. This helps both of you share the duties of parenting, without added stress.

Maintain records of all the expenses that you may have to bear on your own during visitation as well as shared expenses. This cuts down the confusion, and reduces the risk of blaming each other.

When you come across a hurdle on your parenting path, or have a disagreement, mediation may be an option. A mediator is a third-party who will help you negotiate your differences and come to a settlement, without involving the judicial system.

Don’t use your children as messengers. Maintain open lines of communication with your spouse, and never send messages to your ex-spouse via your children.

For help making a visitation schedule, or with other aspects of child custody, contact us.

This article is for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney – client relationship.