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If you are planning to file for divorce in Colorado, there are several tips to keep in mind to get the process started.

1. Notarize All Paperwork

There is going to be a lot of paperwork that will need to be completed and processed in a timely fashion. Make sure that you discuss these forms in detail with your attorney so that nothing slips through the cracks. However, an even more important step is to make sure that all forms have been notarized before they are submitted. Otherwise, you may face unexpected delays and other complications.

2. Iron Out as Much as Possible with Spouse

Try and iron out as much as possible with your soon-to-be former spouse before getting attorneys and judges involved, especially if you are interested in closing this chapter of your life in an expeditious fashion so that you can quickly move on to the next phase of your life. Otherwise, you may be forced to spend a considerable amount of time for the divorce to be settled.

3. Work Out a Child Support Agreement

Before you even think about working out any sort of agreement with your properties and assets, make sure that you focus on providing for your children first and foremost. Keep in mind that the long-term care of your children (if applicable) should always be your top priority so your target objective should be to make sure that they are placed in the most advantageous situation and setting that will allow them to reach their peak potential. Don’t forget to complete the Colorado Guidelines Child Support Worksheet along with the required Sworn Financial Statements just to make sure that they are able to receive the financial support and assistance that they need.

4. Rethink Your Decision

There are many couples that think they want to get a divorce but eventually change their minds.  Therefore, another great tip is to think about your decision and then rethink it. Even if you still decide to go through the time-consuming and tedious steps involved with a divorce, at least you would not have to worry about regretting giving yourself more time to think about it.