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Definition of Marital Property in Colorado Divorce

A Colorado divorce has many steps a couple must go through.  The division of property is one of them.  In Colorado there are two classifications of property: marital and separate.  The definition of marital property in Colorado is property that’s owned by both parties and is subject to division.  Separate property in Colorado is owned by only one of the parties in the divorce and is not subject to division. …Read More

Division of Marital Property in Colorado

When it comes to the division of marital property in Colorado, the courts look at different factors when dividing when property.  The definition of marital property differs from that of separate property.  Marital property can include property that has been purchased or accumulated during the course of the marriage.  This can include debt and increased value on property or items that were titled separate.  It’s a complex field of divorce, …Read More

Separate vs. Marital Property in Colorado

Colorado is an “equitable division” state when it comes to dividing marital property in a divorce.  This means that it’s not up to the court to divide property equally just equitably.  Separate property can also be subject to division in certain circumstances.  Usually separate property remains with the respected owner, so it’s advisable to be wary when it comes to converting separate into marital. The difference between marital and separate …Read More