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Common Law Marriages in Colorado

A woman and a man who have been living together in the state of Colorado for a very long period of time could be referred to a common law marriage in certain circumstances. The couple refer to their relationship as being married and all of their friends, family members, and co-workers perceive their relationship as such. They even file their income taxes every year using a joint return. Despite sharing …Read More

Difference Between Common Law Marriage vs Putative Marriage

Both common law marriages and putative marriages are not real marriages. In other words, these marriages may be more challenging to prove in a court, than a real or traditional marriage. However, there are many differences between common law marriages and putative marriages. A putative marriage is one in which a person believes himself or herself to be legally married, and may continue with this belief for years, even though …Read More

Common Law Marriage in Colorado

In Colorado, a common-law marriage is a relationship in which two parties agree to live together as husband and wife. The two of them will have a relationship that is very similar to a marital relationship, and will have that relationship in the open. In other words, the spouses, for all practical purposes, will present themselves to the world as husband and wife. In order for you to be part …Read More